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Programmatics.NET is a leading provider of enterprise level technology for empowering the business of digital advertising.
We provide white-label ready, feature-rich platforms for real-time bidding exchanges , DSPs, header bidding, PPC and beyond.

Professional Technical Infrastructure


*AS (Autonomous System) number facilitates direct peering with SSPs, reducing transaction times
*Co-located with major internet peering points
*Server-to-server interconnect using QDR Infiniband (56 Gb/s) enables real-time fraud analysis


*Data centers and connectivity partners in the US and internationally *Multiple redundant 10Gb/s connections
*No single point of failure


*Engineered for 99.999% up time *Simple, streamlined integration process
*Infrastructure-as-a-service allows buyers to co-locate their bidders *Dedicated customer service teams

Powerful Integrations

Programmatics.NET provides access to the industry’s leading exchanges, along with 25,000+ audience segments across over 30 different data providers, giving flexible and intuitive inventory and data targeting options.


Manage omni-channel campaigns across mobile, video, display, audio, connected TV, native, search, and social with the #1 rated DSP. You'll create a seamless and integrated experience for your consumers.

Brand Safety

We take brand protection seriously. By partnering with the industry’s leading brand safety providers and utilizing a combination of human and tech measures—we’re able to monitor and block fraudulent activity across Programmatics.NET 24/7.

HTML5 Support

Upload HTML5 zip files directly into Programmatics.NET or use a third party ad tag. Unlike other DSP's, HTML5 support is baked into Programmatics.NET, and free from any hosting fees.

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We Support Ready Interfaces For Advertisers, Direct Publishers And Campaign Managers, Including:


• Self Serve Ad Campaign Manager • Display, Native and Video campaign support
• Self Serve Advertiser UI for reporting or campaign management
• Fast, Multidimensional (Drill-down) Reporting
• Direct Publisher interface
• Management consoles for all aspects of operation • Invoice management

World class hosting infrastructure from a leader adserving (handling over 200 Billion requests per day):


• Real-time stats processing
• Fast Geo-Distributed Servers
• 3rd Party Stats Aggregation/Consolidation
• Full Management via REST API
• Video and Image CDN For Ad Creatives

Targeting options including contextual, device, demographic and multi-factor retargeting


• Geo-location (Cities and Zip Code Level)
• Real-time Contextual Targeting (Topic and Keyword)
• User Language
• IDFA (Device IDs, Advertising IDs) for Mobile
• Device Types
• OS Version
• Multi-factor Retargeting
• Blacklisting & Whitelisting for all targeting features consequat.

Bid Optimization and KPI Automation: True AI that enables optimization of campaigns for target KPIs (Impressions, Clicks and Multi step conversions via pixels or S2S integrations)


• AI Bid Optimization Engine
• S2S/Pixel Conversion Tracking
• Multi-step Conversion tracking;

Third-party integrations with the leading IVT fraud solutions, conversion tracking software, SSPs, Exchanges and DSPs


• Exchange Integrations Available: Google ADX, AppNexus and 50+ major DSPs
• Connect Direct Publishers via Header Bidding or Tags
• Direct Payment Integrations with all major Gateways and providers
• Traffic Fraud Prevention: Use any Pixel (Forensiq, IAS, MOAT, Double Verify, Protected Media and beyond.
• Demographic Data: 3rd Party Data Segments via LiveRamp
• Mobile Analytics (Kochava + more)
• Real-time Intent DMP
• Ads.txt Validation

Programmatic Ecosystem


Third-party integrations with the leading IVT fraud solutions

Conversion tracking software, SSPs, Exchanges and DS


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